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Why Wisdom?

High expert engagement

More experts are willing to consult with Wisdom because we make it easy for them with our simple mobile app. The busy VP you normally couldn't access is open to helping in their own time.

Spend less time

Don't waste time talking to the wrong people. Send your questions to dozens of experts. Qualify experts before you invest time talking to them

Exclusive access to Silicon Valley

Founded by an ex-Googler and an early stage investor, we're Silicon Valley insiders and can connect you with CEOs of startups and managers at growth companies in the technology sector

Some of our experts

Directors of Product at Google

From teams like Gmail, Photos and Search

Partner at a16z

Get their take on the future of enterprise AI

CEO of Series B startup

Fastest growing CRM in a multibillion dollar industry

Head of IT at Fortune 500 company

Understand how they purchase software

Infrastructure Engineer at Airbnb

Get help with technical diligence

And more

We can onboard experts you need in less than 24 hrs

How it works

Send out a request

Identify the right experts and send them questions instantly. Your Wisdom account manager can help you with your search.

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Experts answer your questions

The right experts answer your questions on their phone. We make it easy for them to share their knowledge with you

Answers come in

View your expert responses and decide if you want to follow up with a call anyone

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Get on a call

Save time and hone in on the experts with the most relevant answers from your survey. Easy scheduling, no email involved

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We strive to make things transparent and fair


Survey up to 10 experts

$30/ expert
  • We'll onboard the right experts for your needs
  • Reach out to as many as 10 experts at a time
  • Ask up to 3 questions per survey
  • Receive report with responses


30 mins calls with experts you've surveyed

$300/ expert
  • Easy scheduling
  • Recorded for compliance
  • Identify the right experts to talk to via surveys

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