The best way to reach industry experts

The best way to get to expert insights

Industry experts you want to reach are busy professionals, just like you. Wisdom is the easiest way for them to share their insights

Qualified Leads

Don't waste time talking to the wrong people. Using on demand questions, you can reach out to every expert in a space and identify the people you actually want to get on a call with


We'll work with you to identify target experts, send them questions on their phone and receive responses in as little as 24 hours. No time wasted with back and forth emails


All information is protected by strict confidentiality agreements and we ensure that only information that can be shared is revealed

How does it work?

Send us a request

Work with a Wisdom account manager to identify who you want to talk to and what you want to ask them

Experts answer your questions

The right experts answer your questions on their phone in their downtime. We make it easy for them to share their knowledge with you

Receive a report

You receive a report of compiled answers and we'll help you identify

Get on a call

You want to ask why five times and really get into the weeds on an industry. We can help schedule a call with the experts whose answers you liked



Rate varies based on expert you're trying to reach

up to $10/ question
  • Reach out to as many as 20 experts instantly
  • Ask up to 4 questions per survey
  • Receive report with responses
  • Decide who to pursue further


Talk 1:1 with an expert we help you identify

up to $300/ hour
  • We'll take care of scheduling
  • Pro rated - only pay for the time you spend with an expert
  • Experts will be educated on compliance

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